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2022 INMRC: Rajini Krishnan kicks off season with double wins | Autocar India

Written by Gulati

Pacer Yamaha’s Mathana Kumar additionally scored two back-to-back wins within the Professional-Inventory 165cc Open class

Superbike racing ace Rajini Krishnan sealed his 10th nationwide title earlier this yr, and he’s continued that type in Spherical 1 of the 2022 MRF MMSC Indian Nationwide Motorbike Racing Championship (INMRC) with two race wins. The opening spherical noticed the INMRC return to the Kari Motor Speedway after three years, and it was a number of riders’ first outing on the brand new Kari format.

  • Krishnan received each Professional-Inventory 301-400cc races
  • Sturdy Spherical 1 for Pacer Yamaha
  • TVS and Honda championships return to motion

Professional-Inventory 301-400cc

Krishnan, driving his refurbished Yamaha R3 with a lighter body and different modifications, opened the season with a snug win in Race 1. Petronas TVS’ Jagan Kumar and Velocity Up Racing’s Anand R joined him on the rostrum.

He repeated that feat the subsequent day – taking an early lead and scoring one other commanding victory in Race 2. Petronas TVS secured the remaining two podium spots with KY Ahamed in second and Thailand’s Vorapong Malahuan (a visitor rider for this spherical) in third.


Race 1

  1. Rajini Krishnan (RACR Castrol Energy  – 12minutes 26.700secs
  2. Jagan Kumar (Petronas TVS Racing) – 12minutes 30.167secs
  3. Anand R (Velocity Up Racing) – 12minutes 41.745secs

Race 2

  1. Rajini Krishnan (RACR Castrol Energy  – 17minutes 24.801secs
  2. KY Ahamed (Petronas TVS Racing) – 17minutes 30.128secs
  3. Vorapong Malahuan (Petronas TVS Racing) – 17minutes 31.642secs

Professional-Inventory 165cc Open

Pacer Yamaha’s Mathana Kumar additionally scored back-to-back wins. With Petronas TVS’ Jagan Kumar and KY Ahamed struck with mechanical points, Mathana Kumar had a transparent path to victory in Race 1, forward of his teammate Prabhu Arunagiri and Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing’s Rajiv Sethu.

Pacer Yamaha adopted that up with a clear podium sweep in Race 2 – Mathana Kumar successful forward of Arunagiri and Mithun Kumar. Whereas Pacer Yamaha celebrated their first podium sweep in a decade, Petronas TVS and Honda suffered a disastrous race, with none of their riders making to the end line.


Race 1

  1. Mathana Kumar (Pacer Yamaha) – 13minutes 07.483secs
  2. Prabhu Arunagiri (Pacer Yamaha) – 13minutes 07.875secs
  3. Rajiv Sethu (Idemitsu Honda SK69 Racing) – 13minutes 16.228secs

Race 2

  1. Mathana Kumar (Pacer Yamaha) – 18minutes 22.071secs
  2. Prabhu Arunagiri (Pacer Yamaha) – 18minutes 22.128secs
  3. Mithun Kumar (Pacer Yamaha) – 18minutes 41.533secs

Novice Inventory 165cc

The Novice Inventory class noticed some drama. Md Samrul Zubair received Race 1 on floor, forward of his teammate Vignesh Goud. Nevertheless, each riders had been disqualified as a result of a technical infringement, handing victory to Axor Sparks Racing’s Sarvesh Balappa.

Balappa received Race 2 as effectively, however this time, he dictated the tempo from his pole place begin.


Race 1

  1. Sarvesh Balappa (Axor Sparks Racing) – 10minutes 12.279secs
  2. Chiranth V (Rookies Racing) – 10minutes 13.555secs
  3. Aldrin Babu (RACR Castrol Energy 1) – 10minutes 23.920secs

Race 2

  1. Sarvesh Balappa (Axor Sparks Racing) – 14minutes 33.419secs
  2. Chiranth V (Rookies Racing) – 14minutes 38.810secs
  3. Aldrin Babu (RACR Castrol Energy 1) – 14minutes 46.913secs

Women Inventory 165cc

This class additionally noticed the winner – RACR Castrol Energy’s Lani Zena Fernandez – disqualified as a result of a technical infringement. This elevated former champion Ann Jennifer (Alpha Racing) to first place, forward of Winverve Apex Racing Academy’s Aditi Krishnan and Axor Sparks Racing’s Jagruti Penkar.

Reigning champion Ryhana Bee completed 10th after crashing on the final lap.


Race 1

  1. Ann Jennifer (Alpha Racing) – 11minutes 53.085secs
  2. Aditi Krishnan (Winverve Apex Racing Academy) – 11minutes 56.205secs
  3. Jagruti Penkar (Axor Sparks Racing) – 12minutes 03.051secs

Inventory 301-400cc (Assist race)

The Inventory 301-400cc class was a brand new addition to the spherical and was run as a help race on Saturday. Mihir Vijay Sakpal received the only real race held on this class, with Ashwin R and Naresh Kaname finishing the rostrum.


Race 1

  1. Mihir Vijay Sakpal (Apex Racing Academy) – 13minutes 52.706secs
  2. Ashwin R – 13minutes 55.015secs
  3. Naresh Kaname – 13minutes 57.088secs

Petronas TVS One Make Championship

The spherical noticed the debut of the rebranded Petronas One Make Championship, according to TVS’ new partnership with the Malaysian oil and fuel big. Prime performers on this yr’s championship will progress to the TVS Asia One Make Championship.

Rahil Pillarisetty scored essentially the most factors within the Apache RR310 Open class, with victory in Race 1 and second place in Race 2. Jagadeesh N ended up successful the second race.

Chiranth V received each Rookie races that includes the Apache RTR 200, whereas Aditi Krishnan received within the Women’ class. Ishan Lee took high honours within the Media race.


Apache RR310 Open Race 1

  1. Rahil Pillarisetty – 13minutes 04.172secs
  2. Ananthraj P – 13minutes 05.484secs
  3. Navaneeth Kumar S – 13minutes 06.797secs

Apache RR310 Open Race 2

  1. Jagadeesh N – 10minutes 29.569secs
  2. Rahil Pillarisetty – 10minutes 32.080secs
  3. Venkatesan I – 10minutes 34.880secs

Rookie (Apache RTR 200) Race 1

  1. Chiranth V – 13minutes 53.153secs
  2. Shreyas Hareesh – 13minutes 57.560secs
  3. Tamizhinian KR – 14minutes 25.140secs

Rookie (Apache RTR 200) Race 2

  1. Chiranth V – 13minutes 51.474secs
  2. Shreyas Hareesh – 13minutes 51.852secs
  3. Abdul Basim – 14minutes 06.275secs

Women (Apache RTR 200)

  1. Aditi Krishnan – 11minutes 58.451secs
  2. Renuka Gajendran – 12minutes 13.332secs
  3. Ananya Aswathi – 12minutes 35.006secs

Media (Apache RTR 200)

  1. Ishan Lee – 12minutes 7.978secs
  2. Mandar Sawant – 12minutes 52.501secs
  3. Stephen Neil Gershom – 12minutes 54.566secs

Idemitsu Honda India Expertise Cup

With prior expertise of driving the Moto3-spec NSF250R on nationwide and worldwide circuits, Sarthak Shrikant Chavan received each NSF250 races, main each from begin to end. Each races noticed the identical podium, with Shyam Sundar second and AS James third.

Raheesh Mudassar Khatri defeated Siddesh Sawant to win the primary CBR150R race, making his manner up from seventh on the grid. The 14-year-old repeated this success in Race 2 as effectively, ending a mammoth 25secs forward of second-placed Sawant.


NSF250 Race 1

  1. Sarthak Shrikant Chavan – 12minutes 24.394secs
  2. Shyam Sundar – 12minutes 40.808secs
  3. AS James – 12minutes 44.806secs

NSF250 Race 2

  1. Sarthak Shrikant Chavan – 12minutes 24.097secs
  2. Shyam Sundar – 12minutes 34.188secs
  3. AS James – 12minutes 44.324secs

CBR150 Race 1

  1. Raheesh Mudassar Khatri – 14minutes 46.340secs
  2. Siddesh Sawant – 14minutes 46.408secs
  3. Shyam Babu – 15minutes 06.707secs

CBR150 Race 2

  1. Raheesh Mudassar Khatri – 20minutes 28.652secs
  2. Siddesh Sawant – 20minutes 54.257secs
  3. Harshith V Bogar – 21minutes 08.255secs

Honda Hornet 2.0

Ullas Santrupt Nanda dominated within the Honda Hornet 2.Zero help occasion, successful each races. Chennai rider Romario additionally featured on the rostrum twice with a pair of third-place finishes.


Race 1

  1. Ullas Santrupt Nanda – 15minutes 03.230secs
  2. G Balaji – 15minutes 03.458secs
  3. Romario – 15minutes 05.368secs

Race 2

  1. Ullas Santrupt Nanda – 15minutes 08.672secs
  2. Allwin Xavier – 15minutes 10.286secs
  3. Romario – 15minutes 10.868secs

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