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Raida Drift Motorcycle Gloves Long Term Review: Introduction

by caradmin
Raida Drift Motorcycle Gloves Long Term Review: Introduction
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If you are a motorcyclist, then you know how handy a good pair of short-cuff gloves can be. Logic tells us that these should be comfortable, practical, and versatile pairs of riding gloves any rider could have. The Raida Drift Motorcycle gloves we have here are your everyday summer riding gloves, which seem to be perfect for the hot and humid climate in India.

Now, we will use these as our daily riding gloves for all things commuting and touring, and we might as well do some beginner off-road riding in these. In our future reports, we will tell you whether these are comfortable or not and if they provide the desired safety as your everyday riding gloves. But, that is for later. In this report, we will tell you what the Raida Drift gloves are, their features and their construction. Let’s get started.

The Construction

According to Raida, the Drift are mid-cuff, everyday riding gloves that have been designed to use while commuting, touring, and off-roading. Raida has used a two-way elastane fabric for the glove’s construction along with a 3D air-mesh material for ventilation.

It gets an abrasion-resistant microfibre suede fabric on the palms and the thumb, and 500D Poly Corduroy inserts on the fourchettes, which should enhance grip and comfort. It also features a TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) grip closure for a secure fit.

Regarding protection, the Drift gloves come with a PVC articulated protector for the knuckles in case of an impact. Furthermore, it gets high-density foam protectors on the fingertips. For the palm area, it features a Scaphoid Shield reinforced TPR palm slider, which should prevent the hand from getting a serious injury in case of a fall.

The Features

The Drift gloves pack some handy features. First up, the thumb and forefinger have smartphone touchscreen compatibility, which allows you to quickly operate your phone without the need to remove the gloves. Then, it also features 3M Scotchlite reflective piping on the wrist. There are Accordion stretch panels on the fingers, while the gloves also feature a pull tab to wear or remove the gloves easily.

Moreover, it also gets a snap button to keep the gloves together, thereby reducing the risk of misplacing them. Lastly, the Drift gloves come with soft materials for the cuffs and a Velcro closure for the wrists.

What’s next?

The plan is to use the Raida Drift as our primary gloves for everyday commutes to the office, test them on bike shoots, and perhaps even go touring with them over the next six months. This will serve as a good basis to check their level of everyday fit and comfort, protection, and wear and tear. We will also tell you how easy or difficult these gloves are to put on and off. So, stick around for the next report.

Product Details

Make: Raida

Model: Drift Motorcycle Gloves

Type: City, touring, and off-road

Price: Rs. 2,750

Availability: Raida Website/Online Stores

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi


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