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Royal Enfield Streetwind Eco-Friendly Jacket Review – 5-Month Update

by caradmin
Royal Enfield Streetwind Eco-Friendly Jacket Review – 5-Month Update
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It has been a while since Royal Enfield sent us the Streetwind Eco-Friendly jacket for review. During our introduction report back in October 2023, we walked you through its construction, material, and features. Now, after having it used throughout the winter, our opinions are formed, and here is a list of my likes and dislikes for the Royal Enfield Streetwind Eco-Friendly jacket.

Things I Like

The first thing you notice after getting your hands on the Streetwind jacket is how light it feels. Thanks to the 600D polyester mesh at the front and rear, this jacket is extremely lightweight. Moreover, the same also keeps it quite breezy and the airflow is prominent. If you are using the jacket without a backpack, then it’s seldom that you would end up with a sweaty chest or back.

Next, is the adjustability. Royal Enfield has equipped the Streetwind with straps on the wrist, forearm, arm, waist, and lower back. This makes it easier to get the right amount of snug fit when you wear the jacket. Further, this also means that a little fluctuation in the rider’s size will not make the Streetwind any less usable. Such finishing touches also add to the usability over long periods.

I prefer washing my riding jacket(s) once in two weeks for the sake of hygiene. The process is simple – remove the armours, soak the jacket in lukewarm water with shampoo/detergent, followed by a nice and thorough rinse using cold water. If needed, the process also includes using the washing machine for a quicker drying time. But since the majority of the Street Wind jacket gets mesh, it dries in a matter of hours under morning/afternoon sunlight. There are no liners or layers stitched inside, too, and hence the water evaporates quickly.

Once worn, the Streetwind jacket doesn’t feel very puffy or restrict movement. It sits well on the torso without bulking the shoulders/collar area when in the riding position. Even installing and removing the shoulder and elbow armours is convenient as the pockets are quite accessible. The Streetwind comes with storage compartments near the belly on both, the inside and outside. There are four of them and they have enough space to hold your phone, wallet, or anything of similar size.

Things I Dislike

The Royal Enfield Streetwind jacket uses 610D polyester Cordura fabric for the impact zones – shoulders and elbows. But this comes at the cost of perforation. The said areas have little to no ventilation and heat up quickly in the sunlight. This will leave you with odd sweat patches on your shoulder and elbow.

Then, this jacket doesn’t have a provision to install chest armour if you feel the need to. Moreover, as the Street Wind only gets a foam back protector, we recommend you purchase a CE level 2 unit separately. So, that will be an added cost over the Streetwind’s asking price.

All said and done, the Royal Enfield Streetwind jacket hasn’t shown any major flaws so far. We are impressed by it and use it pretty much daily for commutes.


For its asking price of Rs. 5,950, the Streetwind Eco-Friendly is a value-for-money product. With its good colour options, lightweight construction, breathability, storage space, and adjustability, this jacket makes for a good option for your city commutes. But if the brand could add a better protector at the back instead of the current foam one, and also provide pockets near the chest area for added armour, the overall deal could be even more worthwhile.

Not to mention, the jacket that we use gets off-white mesh at the front and rear. So, all the dirt and muck that it catches, is very evidently visible. This means the number of times you need to wash the Royal Enfield Streetwind is also more in this specific colourway. But fret not, there are other colours to choose from too on the brand’s official website.

Product Details

Brand: Royal Enfield

Model: Streetwind Eco-Friendly Jacket

Price: Rs. 5,950

Availability: Royal Enfield Online/Offline Stores

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi


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