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Volkswagen Taigun GT, Virtus price, Golf GTI

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Volkswagen Taigun GT, Virtus price, Golf GTI

Think GTI, and as an automobile enthusiast you’ll picture a Volkswagen hot hatchback; one that packs in sports car-rivalling performance without sacrificing on practicality or daily usability. Volkswagen introduced the Polo GTI in limited numbers in India in 2016, and it not only enjoys a cult following till date but also commands exceptional residual values in the used car market. The good news is, Volkswagen is evaluating relaunching the GTI in India, in its newest avatar.

  1. GTI could make a comeback to India
  2. Polo GTI or Golf GTI being evaluated
  3. Will launch as a CBU in limited numbers

In an interaction with our sister publication What Car? India, when asked whether Volkswagen has any plans to reintroduce the GTI brand in India, Ashish Gupta, Volkswagen India brand head commented, “There’s a sizable enthusiast community who love our GTI brand, so yes, we are evaluating.” However, he didn’t specify whether the Golf GTI or the Polo GTI is being evaluated for an India launch.

The Polo GTI is based on the sixth-generation Polo that was introduced in international markets in 2021. It comes powered by a 207hp, 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, with a claimed 0-100kph acceleration time of just 6.5 seconds.

The Golf GTI, on the other hand, is a larger car, and despite being powered by the same 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine, it packs in 245hp and has a claimed 0-100kph acceleration time of 6.4 seconds. Prices of the Golf GTI are roughly thirty percent more than the Polo GTI in international markets.

Volkswagen Polo, Golf GTI to be brought in as CBUs

Volkswagen will bring in the GTI as a full import – which will attract maximum duties – in batches limited to around 200 units. These will not be affordable, however, the objective to bring these halo products to India is to lift the Volkswagen brand’s aspirational quotient, and indirectly work as a catalyst to boost sales of its more affordable offerings.

Ashish Gupta didn’t share a concrete timeline for re-introducing the GTI brand in India. However, he mentioned that the all-electric ID.4 will be the only ‘new model’ launched by Volkswagen in FY 2024-25, thereby ruling out the possibility of the GTI coming to India before April 2025.

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