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Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV Launch, Expected Price, Specs, Features

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Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV Launch, Expected Price, Specs, Features

The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser made its debut last year in August. On the sidelines of the launch, the Japanese automaker had teased the silhouette of an all-new SUV which appeared to be yet another off-roader. Now, we have learnt that the new SUV in question here could be the FJ Cruiser. A few reports suggest that it could also be  a smaller version of the Land Cruiser with high off-road capabilities.

For those asking, The ‘FJ Cruiser’ nameplate was in existence between 2007-2014 in the American market in the form of a capable Toyota off-roader. Now, it is highly possible that the company could bring back this nameplate with the all-new SUV which was teased last year during the Land Cruiser’s debut.

Toyota had filed a trademark for ‘Land Cruiser FJ’ in November 2023 and it clearly suggests that it intends to keep alive the FJ in its product portfolio. Simon Humphries, Chief Brand Officer, Toyota, had said that they want the Cruiser “within reach of even more people around the world,” and the smaller Cruiser FJ SUV could be the first step in this direction.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Engine Specs

Last year, a new report claimed that Toyota FJ Cruiser, if at all, would be introduced with petrol and hybrid engine choices. An all-electric model could be launched at a later stage as the Japanese automaker is holding back the debut of new EVs in the uncertain market scenario. The FJ Cruiser could well use the Land Cruiser’s 2.4L 4-cylinder engine which delivers top power of 322 bhp.


Going by the teaser image, it previewed a small SUV with boxy design. The teaser showed that it actually might not have the same ground clearance as the original FJ Cruiser. The design inspiration seems to be taken more from the Compact Cruiser EV Concept which had its world premiere in December 2021 with an electric powertrain setup. Just so you know, some of the notable design highlights of the Compact Cruiser EV Concept were squared off proportions, vintage elements and front grille with ‘Toyota’ wording.


While the idea of a small off-roader with ‘Cruiser’ nameplate sounds rather exciting, it is still unclear how Toyota will develop it as the brand still doesn’t have a compact off-roader architecture ready in its portfolio which will underpin the said SUV. Although multiple reports have stated that the new FJ Cruiser could use the TNGA-F platform which we have already seen with the new Land Cruiser, Tacoma and Tundra but it doesn’t appear to be happening. Instead, as per a recent rumor, the company could use the platform of its pick-up truck which was launched in Thailand last year.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Launch Date

According to the US media, the FJ Cruiser could go into production by the end of this year with underpinnings shared with the Hilux Champ pickup. However, Toyota has remained quite tight-lipped about this and hence, we need to wait for a few more months before anything official is announced by the brand.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Price

The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is priced at $57,000 (Around 48 lakh) in the American market. So, there’s plenty of room for Toyota to price the smaller FJ Cruiser SUV in a more competitive way and starting at around $40,000 (Around 33 lakh), if not more.


All-New Small Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV – All You Need to Know

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