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Top 5 common things between Ather Rizta and 450X

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Top 5 common things between Ather Rizta and 450X

After spending almost a decade in the performance e-scooter space, Ather Energy finally entered the volume-heavy family scooter space with the launch of the Rizta. The company is targeting famous petrol scooter brands like the Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter and also Suzuki Access with this new EV. While the Rizta is priced higher than the ICE rivals, it has still managed to have an aggressive price tag for an EV and this has been possible as Ather has used its proven 450X platform to build the Rizta, bringing down the overall developing cost. In this story, we tell you the top five common things between the Rizta and the 450X. 


Ather Energy has used the 450X’s base platform to build the Rizta and this has been done to keep the costs in check. While the overall wheelbase and other dimensions like the length and height are different, the Rizta underneath is majorly 450X. 

Cycle Parts 

As Rizta’s platform has been borrowed from 450X, a lot of cycle parts are similar on this family e-scooter. The layout of the switchgear and the switchgear itself are from the 450X. The quality of plastics is identical to its sporty sibling. The wheels and the brakes too are similar. 

Instrument Cluster 

The Ather Rizta is being offered with multiple variants and as a result of that, this EV gets both instrument clusters that are seen on the 450X – a much cheaper looking Deepview and the fancy full-colour TFT screen. The Deepview comes in the most affordable variant of the Ritza, whereas the TFT comes in the top two variants. 


The batteries on the Rizta have also been borrowed from the 450X. Even the battery configurations – 2.9 kWh and 2.7 kWh – are identical to the 450X. However, the riding range differs as both the scooters cater to two different sets of buyers. 

Pro Pack 

Ather Energy has used the same Pro Pack strategy as that on the 450X. The prospective Rizta customers have the option to pay a couple of thousand rupees extra and buy the Pro Pack. This bundle allows the rider to use additional features like more riding modes, auto hold and park assist.  

Ather Rizta
80 Kmph|123 Km|119 kg|8.3 Hrs
₹ 1,09,000Onwards
Avg. Ex-Showroom price

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