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Ather Rizta Vs Ola S1 Pro

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Ather Rizta Vs Ola S1 Pro

Ather Energy launched the much-awaited Rizta electric scooter recently in the Indian market. It is being touted as the brand’s first ‘family’ e-scooter as it directly rivals Ola S1 Pro in our country. The bookings for the Ather Rizta are underway while deliveries are scheduled to commence from June 2024 onwards. Let’s find out how the two scooters, i.e. Ather Rizta e-scooter and Ola S1 Pro compete against each other on paper.

Ather Rizta vs Ola S1 Pro: Price

Model Ex-showroom
Ather Rizta Rs 1.10-1.45 lakh
Ola S1 Pro Rs 1.47 lakh

Ather Rizta comes in a price range of Rs 1.10-1.45 lakh while the range-topping variant of the Ola S1 Pro has been priced at Rs 1.47 lakh. Both the prices are ex-showroom. Needless to say, the Rizta is one of the most affordable electric scooters currently available in India. Even the top-end variant of the Rizta is priced Rs 2,000 lesser than the Ola S1 Pro Gen2.

Ather Rizta vs Ola S1 Pro: Battery and Range

Specs Rizta S1 Pro
Battery 2.9kWh/3.7kWh 4kWh
Power 5.7bhp 14.7bhp
Range 160km 195km
Top Speed 120kmph 80kmph

Ather’s new Rizta gets two battery packs: 2.9 kWh and 3.7 kWh while Ola S1 Pro is equipped with a 4 kWh battery. However, in this piece, we will consider and compare the larger 3.7 kWh battery pack of the Ather Rizta with Ola S1 Pro. While the Rizta delivers maximum power output of 5.7 bhp, the S1 Pro returns a whopping 14.7 bhp which is almost triple power than the Rizta e-scooter. This makes the Ola S1 Pro the most powerful electric scooter in India.

As for range, the newest offering from Ather gives 160 km on a single charge while the Ola scooter provides 195 km. Even for the top speed, Ola S1 Pro is significantly faster with 120kmph than the Rizta with 80kmph. Undoubtedly, the S1 Pro gets the benefit of a larger battery pack which results in longer range and higher power output.

Ather Rizta vs Ola S1 Pro: Charge Time

Model Charging Time
Rizta 3.7kWh 6 hr 10 min
Rizta 2.9kWh 8 hr 30 min
S1 Pro 6 hr 30 min

Ather Rizta can be fully charged from 0-100 percent in just 6 hours and 10 minutes while the S1 Pro takes nearly 6 hours and 30 minutes for the same. So, as we can see, the charging time, more or less, is the same for both the scooters. Ather Rizta’s entry-level and mid-variants with 2.9 kWh battery pack take roughly 8 hours and 30 minutes for the same.

Ather Rizta vs Ola S1 Pro: Dimensions and Hardware

Specs Rizta S1 Pro
Wheelbase 1285mm 1359mm
Seat Height 708mm 805mm
Ground Clearance 165mm 160mm
Kerb Weight 116kg 119kg
Wheel Size 12-inch 12-inch
Underseat Storage 34-litres 34-litres

Ather Rizta has a wheelbase of 1285mm whereas Ola S1 Pro has a 1359mm long wheelbase. As far as seat height is concerned, here too Ola S1 Pro takes the lead with 805mm against Rizta’s 780mm. However, when it comes to ground clearance, the Rizta has a slight upper hand with 165mm over the S1 Pro’s 160mm. The Rizta is heavier by 3 kg than the S1 Pro as it tips the scale at 119 kg as compared to 116 kg of Rizta.

Both the scooters ride on 12-inch wheels while having an identical underseat storage capacity of 34 litres. The suspension setup is also similar in both the electric scooters with telescopic forks upfront and mono-shock unit at the rear. Last but not the least, the Ola S1 Pro gets disc brakes at front and rear as standard while the Ather Rizta comes with drum brakes at the rear.

Ather Rizta Vs Ola S1 Pro – Price, Battery, Range and More

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