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BMW unveils new automatic clutch system for large ADVs

by caradmin
BMW unveils new automatic clutch system for large ADVs

– Dubbed as Automated Shift Assist

– Expected to be introduced on the BMW R 1300 GS

Motorcycles with automatic gearboxes are gaining traction with bike makers, and BMW Motorrad has showcased its own take on an automatic clutch dubbed as Automated Shift Assist (ASA) system. This new system complements BMW’s existing manual gearbox, rather than replacing it.

The ASA simplifies the riding experience by using an automated clutch and gear shifting mechanism, without compromising the feel of manual gear changes, claims BMW.

The system uses two electromechanical actuators to automate clutch and gear changes in the six-speed transmission, eliminating the need for a clutch lever. Similar to Honda’s DCT system, riders simply twist the throttle to start and the clutch automatically engages when stopping.

When the rider shifts the gear lever, a sensor detects the movement and sends a signal to the control unit. Additional sensors monitor the engine speed (RPM) and clutch engagement. This data is fed to the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) and the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which work together to determine the ideal clutch pressure for a seamless gear change.

Riders can choose between two modes: ‘M’ for manual shifting and ‘D’ for automatic gear changes controlled by the bike’s electronics. One advantage of Automated Shift Assist is a smoother gearshift experience, reducing the ‘shift shock’ associated with traditional gear shifters. While BMW hasn’t mentioned which models will receive the ASA system, it is likely to be used on the BMW R 1300 GS.

Sep 2024
BMW R1300 GS
Specs Unavailable
₹ 21,00,000Onwards

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