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Viaterra Kruger Gloves Long-Term Review – Introduction

by caradmin
Viaterra Kruger Gloves Long-Term Review – Introduction
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When it comes to Indian riding gear manufacturers, there is only a handful that I feel have cracked the code of offering form with function, and that mainly includes Rynox and Viaterra. While we have used quite a few products from the former, it was now time to see what is the hype behind Viaterra’s riding apparel. And, the first product that we have received from the Nashik-based maker is the Kruger riding gloves.

This is again a good coincidence since my previous pair of riding gloves started showing signs of ageing and I needed a pair of full gauntlet gloves. So, the Viaterra Kruger gloves are in for a long test, but let’s take a look at what they have to offer on paper.

Product Details

Viaterra has chosen goat skin leather for the Kruger gloves and they claim that the material is durable and water-resistant. Further, you get touchscreen-friendly panels on the index finger and thumb followed by a Supergrip at the center to grab the handlebar properly. On the sides, the Kruger gets a double leather layer for added protection.

On the palm, wrist, and sides of the pink fingers, you get EVA-reinforced panels from Superfabric for protection in case of a slide. The knuckles use CE Level 2-rated SAS-Tec protectors. Meanwhile, the front portion of the fingers gets TPR padding. Another detail that we think should be highlighted is its external seams. The outside stitching should also offer better comfort for the fingers inside.

Further, Viaterra has gone with 3D mesh on the upper part and perforated leather on the lower part of the gloves for ventilation. You also get a dual velcro setup to tighten the glove thoroughly. The left side index finger also gets a smaller rubber strip which acts as a wiper for the visor.

Viaterra offers these mesh touring gloves in four different colour options – black, grey, red, and blue. All these are two-tone paint schemes except the first one.

Make/Seller: Viaterra

Model: Kruger

Type: Mesh Touring Gloves

Colours Available: Black, Grey, Red, and Blue

Sizes: S to 2XL

Price: Rs. 5,699

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi

BSA Scrambler 650
652 cc

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