Home News Rynox Downtown Pro Motorcycle Jeans- Long Term Review- Introduction

Rynox Downtown Pro Motorcycle Jeans- Long Term Review- Introduction

by caradmin
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Rynox Downtown Pro Motorcycle Jeans- Long Term Review- Introduction
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Rynox jeans intro


I am a firm believer of the widely used motorcycling term – All The Gear All The Time or ATGATT. Every time I am on a motorcycle, I make it a point to be in full gear, from head to toe. That includes a riding jacket and pants, gloves, boots and a helmet. I do this even when I ride to the office and spend the entire day in my riding pants and a T-shirt that I wear over it when I’m indoors. While I never minded the riding pants, the availability of riding denims brings more comfort and flexibility to the table. Which is why I chanced on the opportunity to test the new Rynox Downtown Pro motorcycle jeans, when they sent us a unit to review.

The Plan

The plan with these riding jeans is to wear them, as much as possible, on an everyday basis. I’m looking to test its comfort levels, breathability, ease of mobility while being seated on a bike and longevity with regards to resistance to wear and tear. And, I’m eager to find out if they’d be a permanent companion over the course of time.


The Rynox Downtown Pro motorcycle jeans are very different from the regular cotton denims you’d wear. Unlike the latter that’ll tear easily and expose your skin to abrasions in case of a fall, the Rynox denims are made of Cordura which offers far better protection in similar situations. Cordura jeans are made up of a mix of Nylon, Polyester and Elastane. The last fabric gives the jeans the stretchability needed to sit comfortably, be it on the bike or the office chair.

As an additional layer of safety, the inside of the jeans is lined with Dupont Kevlar on critical impact areas. This further enhances abrasion resistance and mitigates injuries in the event of a slide after coming off the bike.

The armour on the knees and hips points is also of good quality. Called the D30 Ghost, it has CE Level 2 protection while being lightweight, breathable and comfortable enough for you to forget that they even exist. These armours are easily removable to make it easy to wash the jeans. Rynox advises one to wash these jeans separately as they’ve used genuine Indigo dye to colour the jeans blue and it may release some colour naturally.

Lastly, there are enough storage pockets around the jeans and I particularly like the neat little slot to store my phone.

Product details

Make/Seller: Rynox

Model: Downtown Pro motorcycle jeans with D30 protectors

Type: Riding denims

Colours: Indigo Blue

Sizes: S to 6XL


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