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BMW creating width-adjustable seat for bikes | Autocar India

Written by Ravi Kapoor

The seat has been cut up into three foam pads, of which two will be moved to alter the general width of the seat.

BMW and innovation go hand in hand, whether or not it’s on 4 wheels or two. Within the motorcycling world, the German firm is exploring new avenues, engaged on a width-adjustable rider’s seat.

The design splits the seat into three completely different foam pads – one fastened piece on the entrance, the place the seat meets the gasoline tank, and two movable items on the rear, cut up alongside the centreline. Every pad appears to have its personal seat cowl. In its narrowest place, the seat seems identical to every other, albeit with seams working the place the items meet one another.

However the rear two foam items are pivoted on their outer entrance corners and supported on curved runners. This enables them to be moved aside, thereby growing the width of the seat. Nonetheless, this does go away a spot within the central portion, and it’s unclear for the time being what BMW plans to do about this.

The movable pads will be fastened at any place alongside the runners, which means that the seat is infinitely adjustable throughout the limits of its journey. Nonetheless, on this patent drawing, the movable pads are held in place by threaded fasteners, which means that the adjustment course of is a prolonged one – take away the seat, undo the fasteners, transfer the pads after which redo the fasteners.

Nonetheless, the patent does discuss simpler operation mechanisms – “an additional side of the invention supplies that the adjusting machine will be actuated electrically and/or manually. Accordingly, the adjusting machine contains an electrical motor and/or a mechanical mechanism, via which the 2 pivoting sections will be pivoted.”

This opens up the opportunity of a seat with a fast handbook adjustment mechanism, and even an electrically adjustable seat! Now wouldn’t that be one thing! After all, we’re all excited to see this in motion, nevertheless it may nonetheless be a while away. The most probably candidate for this new seat is the all-new alternative for the R 1250 GS that’s at the moment below growth, nevertheless it isn’t anticipated to see the sunshine of day earlier than 2023.

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