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One other electrical scooter catches fireplace | Autocar India

Written by Ravi Kapoor

This scooter, which seems to be the Pure EV EPluto 7G, additionally appears to have suffered from thermal runaway of its battery pack.

Just some days after an Ola S1 e-scooter was noticed ablaze in Pune, yet one more electrical scooter has been noticed on fireplace. This time round, the scooter seems to be the Pure EV EPluto 7G, and it too appears to have suffered from thermal runaway of its battery pack.

The incident reportedly came about in Chennai, the place a pink scooter is seen stationary on the facet of the street with smoke billowing out from its underseat space the place the battery pack is saved. If that is certainly the Pure EV EPlute, then this marks the third incident of this scooter catching fireplace within the final six months, giving it a slightly surprising security file.

In accordance with the corporate’s web site, the scooter makes use of a Li-ion battery pack, with NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cell chemistry, which is similar variety used on the Ola e-scooters, and most different Li-ion geared up e-scooters. The sort of battery is liable to a phenomenon referred to as thermal runaway, the place, on account of overheating, the interior temperature and strain of the battery rises at a faster charge than will be dissipated. As soon as one battery cell goes into thermal runaway, it produces sufficient warmth to trigger adjoining battery cells to additionally go into thermal runaway. This produces a fireplace that repeatedly flares up as every battery cell ruptures and releases its contents.

This incident comes scorching on the heels of one other incident in Tamil Nadu, the place a father and daughter misplaced their lives after their e-scooter’s battery caught fireplace when plugged in for charging. Gross sales of electrical scooters are steadily on the rise, and with India descending into the thick of summer time, the protection of those autos has come beneath scrutiny. Many of those merchandise haven’t any cooling system for his or her batteries. The central authorities has now deputed a workforce to probe latest incidents and submit a report, and is anticipated to develop a set of SOPs round dealing with EV fires.

Sure producers are shifting to a barely completely different kind of Li-ion chemistry referred to as LFP (Lithium iron-phosphate) batteries, the place NMC is not used, and the cathode materials is LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron-Phosphate). Whereas this sort of battery does have a barely decrease power density, there are an a variety of benefits, together with longer life and a far decrease danger of thermal runaway – components that may make it a safer alternative in our local weather.

Different producers, like Ather Vitality (which additionally makes use of NMC batteries, however has not confronted any recognized overheating points), have designed cooling methods for his or her electrical powertrains, the place a fan is used to drive cooling air over parts that could be liable to overheating.

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