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Royal Enfield Strident Riding Gloves Review – Six-Month Update

by caradmin
Royal Enfield Strident Riding Gloves Review – Six-Month Update
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It has been quite some time since the Royal Enfield gloves have been serving as my go-to pair. From city commutes to weekend rides, shoots, and every other time I have been on two wheels, the Strident riding gloves are what I use. In the past many months, these have seen sunshine, pour-down rains, and occasional washing sessions. So, I have been able to evaluate the gloves freely and can finally tell you whether you should purchase them or not.

Things I Like

The pair you see here is coloured black and olive, and I like the combination. It looks subtle and blends pretty much with any coloured riding jacket you wear. Then, the carbon-fibre knuckle protection is another feature that blends well with the overall theme. Thankfully, I haven’t had to test the protection so far. Even, the suede-like fabric on the top portion is a good touch.

Next is the fit. The Royal Enfield Strident(s) fit like a… well, glove. Right from the tip of the fingers to the velcro wrist strap, the fit hasn’t changed and is the same as it was on day one. Moreover, it didn’t take much time to break into the Strident gloves. I remember putting them on after the shoot and by the time I reached home, after about 25 minutes of commute, the pair felt familiar. Plus, the long velcro straps let you tighten the gloves as per your wrist size.

Then, we have the breathability and the lightness. The Strident, being a mesh glove, is extremely breathable and didn’t leave me with sweaty or stinky palms even once. Having used it in the winter weather of Mumbai, you do feel the cool breeze running through your knuckles but nothing too much. The same can be lauded when you wash the pair properly, with soap/shampoo/detergent and it dries off in hours on a sunny day. For how light the gloves feel, it is barely noticeable if you forget them in your backpack or the helmet. There have been times when I have just tucked the gloves in my jacket’s front portion when not needed.

The Conclusion

The list is quite short here. What the Royal Enfield Strident gloves could do better is offer better palm protection and have better build quality in that area. In case of a crash, you usually put your hand down first and as mentioned in our introduction report, Royal Enfield has equipped the Strident with foam to protect the palm. A piece of scaphoid could have been better to avoid road rash.

Then, the leather patches on the thumb(s), and the index finger(s) already wore out. This made accessing my phone’s screen difficult and in turn, forced me to remove the glove to do the same. Another small bit that needs to be highlighted, which not necessarily is a flaw is that the wrist velcro straps could scuff your riding jacket, leaving it with the threads pulled out with time.


For Rs. 2,250 (back in July 2023), the Royal Enfield Strident gloves are worth your money and can be used as a beater pair. These are easy to wash and clean, dry up quickly, are lightweight, look good, fit well, and don’t cost a bomb. So, if the palm protection bit and the phone accessibility feature aren’t a deal breaker for you, then the Royal Enfield Strident could be a part of your daily riding gear.

Make/Seller: Royal Enfield

Model: Strident Black and Olive gloves

Type: Touring/City riding

Colours Available: Black with olive, black, and black with brown

Sizes: S to 2XL

Price: Rs. 2,250

Photography by Kaustubh Gandhi

Royal Enfield Bullet 650
Specs Unavailable

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