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Tiivra Alterego 2.0 Helmet Review: Introduction

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Tiivra Alterego 2.0 Helmet Review: Introduction
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This is the Tiivra Alterego 2.0. Its maker, Tiivra – also into other motorcycle gear like gloves, balaclavas, socks, and bags – says the helmet works well both on the street and on track. The distinguishing aspect of the helmet, of course, is its bright colour scheme. Developed by Nippon, the gold paint helps the helmet stand out in the sun as well as at night under the headlight beams of other road users, says Tiivra.

And there is more to the helmet than just its bright gold hue.

The Features

Tiivra says the Alterego 2.0 is the lightest composite fibre helmet on sale in India. A quick search on the internet indicates it is on point. The shell is also one the densest in the world courtesy of a high fibre content ratio, adds Tiivra. This should help with better impact performance in case of a crash.

Good ventilation is another key highlight of the Alterego, says its maker. The helmet comes with five main vents and two exhaust vents to achieve this. Plus, the vents themselves are replaceable.

Impact protection, needless to say, is the biggest goal for any motorcycle helmet. Tiivra says adding to the shell’s good impact performance is its multi-density EPS layer that helps further the cause. A multi-density EPS liner helps slow down the movement of the head inside the helmet in a crash as the liner compresses and absorbs the impact energy.

Furthermore, given that the Alterego is designed with track-days in mind, the company claims the shell’s design was dictated by aerodynamics. It also comes with a tack-on spoiler to further enhance the ‘tucked-in’ stance when going down the straight on a race track. Other track-friendly bits include a double-D ring retention system and a wide eye-port.

And now to the elephant in the room. The Tiivra Alterego helmet only comes with ISI and DOT certification. Given the near Rs 10,000 sticker price of the helmet, one would have expected ECE safety certification for the helmet as well.

Now, according to Tiivra – as mentioned on its website and this is us quoting them verbatim, “We missed the boat on ECE 22.05 as applications closed 3rd July 2022. However, we exceeded ECE standards by 70 per cent in impact testing.” And along with this statement is a report that shows the results.

What’s Next?

Over the next couple of months, we will use the Altergo on our commutes, for our shoots, and maybe even a highway outing. At the end of it, we will have a comprehensive review for you detailing the build quality, fit and finish, comfort levels, ventilation effectiveness, and the overall feel of using the helmet daily. So do come for that.

Product details

Make: Tiivra

Model: Alterego 2.0 Sabre

Availability: Tiivra’s official website

Price when tested: Rs 9,950

Photography by: Kaustubh Gandhi


BSA Gold Star
652 cc

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