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Ather Rizta battery pack revealed in new teaser

by caradmin
Ather Rizta battery pack revealed in new teaser

-Battery pack has been drop-tested

-Tested to show the durability of the battery pack

-Ather Rizta to be unveiled on 6 April

The new Ather Rizta is all set to be revealed at the Ather Community Day event on 6 April. In the run-up to the launch of the family electric scooter, the company has released a bunch of teasers and the latest one on social media shows the Rizta’s battery pack.

Ather Energy had been assembling the battery packs that power its 450 series electric scooters at its factory in Hosur. This will be the case with Rizta’s battery pack as well, and in a unique way to demonstrate its toughness and durability, the company conducted a drop test at its plant.

The video circulating on their social media platforms shows the Rizta’s battery pack being dropped from a height of 40 feet. The aluminium-cased battery pack lands with a thud and is seemingly unscathed by the impact.

Ather says that the drop test showcases the ability of the battery pack to withstand the shocks generated while riding over bumps, potholes, and unusually tall speed breakers. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in its eating and one can only tell how durable a battery is after using it for a long period. Nevertheless, we shall be putting the Rizta through its paces, soon after it is unveiled at the Ather Community Day on 6 April.

Apr 2024
Ather Rizta
Specs Unavailable
₹ 1,25,000Onwards

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