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Five things to remember when riding bikes this Summer

by caradmin
Five things to remember when riding bikes this Summer

As I sit and pen down this story, I’m grateful for a nice and cosy office setting with the AC temperature at 24 degrees Celsius. But that’s not the case for people when they are out on out on the road, commuting to their office or elsewhere. The average temperature this summer in Mumbai is near 34 degrees and only goes up during the afternoon, sometimes crossing 40 degrees Celsius. So, how do you keep yourself cool and sane while riding two-wheelers this summer? Here are some suggestions.


One of the most important bits about riding in the summer is that regardless of the number of hours or kilometres you ride, you have to be hydrated! Make sure you do it not only before you leave your house but also while riding. The latter can be done using a hydration pack which makes it convenient to sip water even with the helmet on while on the move. ,This saves one the hassle of having to stop by the side of the road and have water. Or just stop by the roadside and use a regular water bottle, but remember to hydrate. Additionally, we also recommend carrying a sachet or two of ORS to keep your sugar and salt levels at normal levels which usually get drained when sweating because of the heat.


An easier way of tackling the heat and the harsh sunlight throughout the day is planning your commute timings. You can leave for the office early in the morning and escape rush hours (read 9 am to 11 am) and do the same when heading back home. This not only saves you from the traffic but also lets you skip waiting at the traffic signals in the heat.

Mesh Riding Gear

To keep yourself protected and have adequate ventilation with your riding gear on, you can opt for mesh jackets and riding pants/jeans this summer. We have been using the Royal Enfield Streetwind and also the Viaterra Miller riding jackets for a while.

The Streetwind offers great ventilation since its entire front and rear portion is made of mesh, but it comes without chest protection. However, you have Level 2 protection. On the other hand, the Viaterra offering gets Level 2 and chest protection but that comes at the cost of slightly lower ventilation. These are just a couple of examples for you to choose from but there are a lot of other alternative riding jackets also on sale.

Base Layers and Balaclava

This is a follow-up to the point mentioned above. It’s often that people wear a regular cotton T-shirt under their riding gear. While this might seem comfortable, cotton soaks sweat and makes you feel sticky. You can choose a good quality base layer instead which not only removes sweat from your body but also offers better moisture wicking and better ventilation.

Moreover, the base layers are easier to wash and dry very quickly. Additionally, a balaclava or a slightly wet neck buff comes in handy when riding in the heat.

Stop When Needed

This is one of the easiest things to do yet overlooked. It is ideal to take a break from riding if the heat is getting the best of you. Find a tree shade, take a few minutes, rehydrate and maybe then restart your commute/journey. This is applicable in all situations whether you are touring or commuting.

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