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2024 Bajaj Chetak electric scooter: First Ride Review

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2024 Bajaj Chetak electric scooter: First Ride Review
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Why you should buy

– Has good ride quality

– Offers good space and ergonomics

– Gets better riding range now

Why you should avoid

– If you want more tech features

– Is not performance-oriented

– Alternatives offer better package for the price

The Bajaj Chetak has been a household name for scooters for decades and after being discontinued in the early 2000s, it finally made a comeback in its electric form in 2020. A little over three years later, the Chetak electric scooter has received another update. Has it made a significant difference and is it now worth considering in the herd of electric scooters in the market? We took the 2024 Chetak for a short spin to find out.

The Visuals

Sticking to the design it first came with, the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter looks the same for 2024- and we aren’t complaining. Deriving inspiration from the original, the Chetak has old-school charm mixed with modernity. So it gets curvy panels, a somewhat circular LED headlamp and sleek tail lamps with sequential turn indicators. All of it comes together well to offer a unique styling, setting it apart from the crowd.

However, Bajaj could have added new colours to the palette for 2024 to add more allure. That said, the other snag in its visual appeal is the inconsistencies in panel fitment. While the build quality of the entire scooter is good and feels robust, the panel gaps here and there could come as a surprise.

The Package

Let us begin with the new ‘TecPac’ option added to the Urbane and Premium versions. While this is offered at an additional cost of Rs 8,000 over the ex-showroom price of the Urbane, it costs Rs 9,000 over the Chetak Premium’s ex-showroom tag. Now, this brings in the meaty tech bits to the package. While the coloured TFT is standard on the top-spec model, adding the TecPac gives access to navigation, music and call controls, Eco and Sport mode as well as hill hold.

You can also personalize the display with different themes. What is intriguing though, is that Bajaj has chosen to not offer a touchscreen interface like most of its competitors. The brand states that this simplifies the user experience and negates the chances of glitches and the screen being tampered with- something even a relatively smaller brand like Ather has proved wrong.

Other than this, the 2024 Bajaj Chetak also receives a bump in its range and top-speed as well. It is now equipped with a 3.2kWh battery that is said to have denser cells as compared to the previous 2.9kWh pack. This has resulted in a claimed range of 127km and 73kmph top-speed that has gone up from 63kmph. Additionally, the Chetak will now be offered with an 800W charger as standard.

The Ride

The first aspect you’d notice once you get on the Chetak is how accessible and convenient it feels. The rider’s triangle is spot on- the handlebar is easy to reach and the floorboard has enough space to comfortably place your feet. Having said that, one would even appreciate the amount of space the seat has to offer. It cushions the backside well and will be great for larger riders.

And with a suspension setup that is decently plush at both ends, the scooter offers good ride quality too. It absorbs the bumps and inconsistencies in the tarmac well only feeling slightly unsettled at speeds over potholes. Well, then there is the handling that isn’t the most confidence-inspiring. This is due to the single-sided suspension and braking setup at the front that biases the weight to the left, so tipping the scooter to the right needs effort.

Now, the performance from the Chetak is nearly the same as before. Twist the throttle and the scooter offers quick, yet friendly throttle response regardless if it is in Eco or Sport mode. With that being said, there isn’t a world of a difference between the two modes. The throttle response feels the same, only with a higher top-speed in Sport. When it is time to slow things down, the braking equipment does the job well. Even the feedback from the regenerative braking is gradual, amplifying the Chetak’s friendly nature.

Should you buy it?

Now, with a bigger battery pack and consequently higher riding range, the Bajaj Chetak aims to offer better value. Although, its pricing of Rs 1.35 lakh, ex-showroom is without the ride modes, connectivity features etc. If you want the tech features, you’d have to shell out an extra Rs 9,000 for the ‘TecPac’. This makes it almost as expensive as the Ola S1 Pro and slightly more than the TVS iQube S.

While the Chetak does not offer a comprehensive list of features like Ola or Ather, the Bajaj Chetak is for you if want a no-nonsense electric scooter. It has a credible claimed range, comfortable ergonomics and enough space and plush ride quality to deliver a pleasant experience for the rider and pillion. The performance may not be the most exhilarating, but the Chetak compensates for it with other practical aspects.

So to answer the question we posed at the start- yes, the changes, especially the improved range have made quite a difference to the Chetak’s value. With unique styling, good ride quality and commendable build, the Bajaj Chetak is definitely an electric scooter worth considering.

Photos by Kapil Angane


Bajaj Chetak
63 Kmph|113 Km|4 hr 50 mins Hrs
₹ 1,17,285Onwards
Avg. Ex-Showroom price

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