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BluArmor C30 Helmet Intercom: Long Term Review

by caradmin
BluArmor C30 Helmet Intercom: Long Term Review
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The BluArmor C30 promises to deliver a helmet intercom experience as wholesome as products that are much more expensive. With a price tag of Rs. 10,999, the C30 seems great value on paper considering the number of features it offers. However, does it all come together well enough to make it a reliable and versatile helmet communication device? To answer that, we used it rigorously over the last four months and here’s what we think. Before moving ahead, do check out our previous introduction report of the C300 which details the specifications and features of the device.


The most likeable aspect of the C30 is its mesh intercom feature which BluArmor calls Ridegrid Mesh intercom. Activating is just a matter of long pressing the top navigation button. Once activated, it connects with fellow C30 users instantly. Although it allows connecting up to 20 riders at once, we could test it just between the two of us in the team and it has worked flawlessly until now. The audio quality of the speaker is top notch and even the microphone does a splendid job of capturing your voice. Speaking of the mic, while being on a phone call or conversing through mesh intercom, the receiver never had an issue with the voice quality, even when I was at a speed of over 80kmph. The noise cancellation of the microphone works commendably.

The range of the mesh connection is also decent. BluArmor says the Ridegrid’s maximum operating range is 1.2km in the line of sight. During our usage, we managed to stay connected uninterrupted within the range of 500 metres with some obstacles in between. Also, every time one of us went out of range and returned, it re-connected automatically.

Another mind-blowing bit about the C30 is its massive 1,000mAh battery and BluArmor’s claim of 16 hours of mesh intercom talk time. I believe that’s a credible claim because in my case it has lasted close to 10 hours with a mixed usage of mesh intercom and listening to music while being connected to my smartphone. On top of that, it also charges quickly, approximately in an hour.

I have also been astonished by the durability of the device. I have used the C30 in the pouring rain of Mumbai for nearly half a day on multiple occasions. However, it hasn’t shown any signs of defect yet. Courtesy of my clumsy ways, I have also managed to accidentally drop the module at times while mounting or dismounting but it has been working just fine so far.


While the Ridegrid mesh intercom works almost flawlessly, BluArmor’s Bluetooth connection isn’t the most seamless. I’ve often experienced intermittent connection disruption while listening to music or during a call. It mostly happens in a gap of a few minutes which is quite annoying. I also feel the layout of the buttons should’ve been more spaced out to tell them apart while pressing them on the go. Moreover, they could have been larger and more protruding for a clear sense of identification while pressing them with the riding gloves on.


If it’s not clear yet, the BluArmor C30 is definitely worth going for. It’s incredibly durable, all the functions are simple and easy to get used to, the Ridegrid mesh works flawlessly, and the battery backup is commendable. All the minor flaws it has can be lived with and they never overpower the positives. It has become my inseparable companion for almost all rides owing to the sheer convenience and the sense of being connected that it delivers.

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